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Regardless of where your merchandise may be, Calm Sea Pearls will efficiently coordinate your shipment through our consolidation points for prompt shipping from any locations …

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Road transportation is one of the oldest ways of transporting goods in the world which is convenient for the price and speed in carrying a lot of goods and shipments. Currently, a major part of the transportation of goods in the world is taking place on the roads …


CSP offers unparalleled air service worldwide providing personalized service to and from all key markets and competitive rates for all your time sensitive movements. Serving the United States of America, Asia, Spain, Canada, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa …

Customs formalities

Calm Sea Pearl , an advisor of customs affairs in the field of customs release exploiting the services of specialist staff for export and import of goods as well as all custom affairs( land, air, and sea ) in the country, is at the service of the clients needing such services …

Warehousing Services

Our services are integral to the manufacturing and distribution of various industrial and consumer-related materials serving a wide range of large to small and multinational to local businesses …

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